Bye buy birdseed...

Welcome to our Wandering Webcam, so named because it changed locations several times before it settled in front of its current home in front of our backyard bird feeders. The camera is motion sensor controlled, and at its peak will post one photo roughly every 14 seconds. The most recent 50 images are archived on this page. You'll likely see a lot of sparrows, finches, mourning doves, juncos, scrub jays, and the occasional blackbird. You may also spot one of us adding food to the feeders or cleaning the camera lens after a bout of rain.

The equipment we are using is a Logitech C920 USB web camera with EvoCam software running on a 2.7 GHz 27" iMac i5. The camera is connected to the computer via a 50-foot active repeater USB extension cable, which we buried in PVC electrical conduit through the yard to avoid the possibility of damaging the cable with shovels or weed wackers. The software captures an image whenever motion is detected near the feeders, and immediately uploads it to our web server. A timelapse archive of each day's activity is compiled overnight, but we currently do not post these because of their file size. Perhaps in the future. Check back for updates!

Most recent image: December 20, 2016 at 02:16:05 PM EST

Image archive