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August 15, 2000

It has been a busy month, as it often seems to be around our home. We began by seeing Benji off to first grade the morning of July 12. Day One of Grade One was nothing like the kindergarten experience. Despite some minor apprehension on Ben's part and the need to adjust to a new teacher and classroom routine, he seemed to jump right in. His classmates are pretty much the same as last year, with the exception of a couple of new faces and the loss of one or two friends. There is so much new to learn; he is learning how to spell simple words and is being introduced to some basic math concepts. His reading skills are growing by leaps and bounds. The school day is a couple of hours longer now, at six hours beginning at 8:30 in the morning and ending at 2:30 in the afternoon. So far he is handling the earlier start time, but the extra time in class is leaving him a bit more tired at the end of the day, even though he doesn't want to admit it.

Glenn and his brother, Sean, got together July 17 for a morning of hiking at Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve in Antioch. The weather was warm, but fortunately not as blistering hot as is typical for this time of year. The brothers took a mountainous walk along the trail to Rose Hill Cemetery and continued on to the site of the former Nortonville. Glenn was disappointed that there was no town to see there, just a few piles of coal mine slag. Glenn and Sean hiked to the top of one of the debris piles before returning to the car for lunch at Togo's. It was a good way to get together before the start of the annual Gehlke Bros. Football Picks competition, which kicks off Sept. 3.

We got back into festival hopping in minor way this past month with visits to the Delta Pear Fair in Courtland on July 30 and the California Dry Bean Festival on Aug. 6. We also took part in the Oakley Almond Festival volunteer rally barbecue Aug. 8 at O'Hara Park, and visited the Hot Oakley Nights car show Aug. 12.

By now you have noticed -- you wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't -- that our Web site has moved to a new domain name. Roni had long considered setting up a business Web site to advertise the services she provides through R&G Promotions, but some recent developments in her business made her decide to finally take the plunge. So now, you can access the Gehlke Family Home Page and its related departments through RandGpromotions.com. The official URL is now http://www.randgpromotions.com/festfan/. We are still working on transferring over the old site, so some things may not function properly for a while. If you notice something out of kilter, please drop us an e-mail.

With our many endeavors recently we have been neglecting our garden, but the plants continue to grow through our current heat wave. Our red flame grapes are ripe and ready for harvesting, and we'd better get to them soon before they are all consumed by our friendly neighborhood ground squirrels that have discovered the little treats and have been making daily visits to the grape arbor. Roni has also been harvesting tomatoes, and last week brought in two mammoth zucchinis that were converted into zucchini casserole.

The next month promises to be at least as crazy as this past one as we near the date for the Oakley Almond Festival, which as always is a big event for Roni and the rest of the family. We'll probably be out at O'Hara Park on and off during the weekend of Sept. 16-17, so maybe we'll see you there.

Until next month...

Glenn, Roni and Benji

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