Doin' the garden, diggin' the weeds

April 9, 1999

It's gardening time at the Gehlke homestead. March saw the arrival of spring, and with it improved weather and renewed interest in things outdoors. Roni tackled the weeding and planting chores while Glenn concentrated on expanding the brick path through the garden. We purchased 282 bricks in four trips to Home Depot, hauling them back home from Pittsburg in Roni's 15-year-old Toyota Tercel. On one trip we feared the wheels would literally come off the wagon as we watched the effects of all those bricks weighing down on the rear bumper. Somehow we got them all home and the car is still with us, thankfully.

Now that the brick path is complete we are concentrating on the plants. We have added a pear tree, several roses and grapes, a few raspberries, and a new carpeting of alyssum. Roni purchased a flat of red apple that will be used as ground cover in our new berry patch and grape arbor near the back of the garden. She has also been doing extensive work on the strawberries, thinning out the overgrowth and replanting some of the runners that got out of the garden area and attempted to take root on the patio. Our rhubarb plants are putting up new stalks and we actually saw an asparagus tip that was close to edible size. Needless to say, we are savoring the moment as proof that our thumbs may be greener than we once believed.

When not dabbling in outdoorsy activities, we came close to completing the repainting of the master bedroom. A few touch-ups remain, but at least the walls are pink, the paneling is up and Roni's new curtains are in place. It is satisfying to finally be rid of the hideous flower wallpaper that we inherited from the former owners. Next up: the bathrooms.

Easter was a casual affair. We didn't go see anyone and no one came to see us, mainly because everyone was out of town for the day and Glenn had to work. We got out of bed bright and early at 8 a.m. (which really felt more like 7 a.m., given that the return to Daylight Saving Time fell on the same day as Easter) and Benji hunted eggs inside and outside the house. Then Glenn went back to sleep for a couple of hours while Roni worked in the garden. On March 28, Benji participated in the annual egg hunt put on by the Oakley-Delta Lions Club and came away with a couple dozen eggs amid some stiff competition from other kids in his age group. (See the picture above.)

We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary March 26 with dinner at the Red Lobster and a trip to watch the new Clint Eastwood movie, "True Crime." Kristy Coughlin dutifully performed babysitting duties for the evening.

Well, now we prepare for tax time. The deadline has sort of crept up on us as we have been invovled in our myriad of other activities. Between that and Roni being summoned to serve jury duty at Superior Court in Martinez (again!), the government really has its hooks into us for the next few days it seems.

May your April be less taxing.

Glenn, Roni and Benji

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