Marching into spring

March 8, 1999

The sickness saga continues in the Gehlke household and it's getting downright depressing. Last month we told you about plans to travel to Truckee for some wintery fun and of our fear that illness could put a damper on the trip. As it turned out, Glenn contracted some sort of bug two days before the planned Feb. 28 excursion and it worked itself into a severe case of laryngitis. For nearly a week, Glenn had no voice. This made him the talk of the office as his coworkers made comparisons between him and the Godfather. There was some fear he might not regain his voice at all, but finally on March 6 he was able to croak a few words and it appears he may finally be on the mend.

Despite Glenn's silent state, we held out hope for the Truckee trip on another day during Glenn's four-day mini vacation. On March 1 we decided to give it another go, only this time plans were thwarted by a mysterious case of pink eye that Benji developed during the night. So instead of frolicking in the snows of the Sierras we spent our Monday warming the seats at Kaiser hospital so Ben could get medicine and shots. What fun!

Even though we failed to get to the snow in February we still managed to entertain ourselves. On Feb. 27 we went to Sacramento to partake in the city's free-admission Saturday at all all their museums. We only got to one -- the California State Railroad Museum -- but that was fine with Benji who could barely contain his excitement.

On the 28th we went miniature golfing in Antioch and Benji learned all about how tough it is to get the ball in the hole when you have to hit it over a slope or through a cottage. We didn't keep score, which was a good thing because we lost two balls and weren't making par most of the day even when we weren't losing them. Benji preferred the games indoors where he accumulated tickets to exchange for prizes.

On March 1 we spent the afternoon at a place called Gately along the San Pablo Regional Shoreline. We went specifically to watch trains, but we also enjoyed a picnic lunch amid the trees and with our view of the bay and the rocky shoreline. We were rewarded on our visit with three Amtraks and a pair of freight trains. Photos of the trip will appear soon at Milepost 1147.2.

The weather has warmed up significantly enough to start turning our attention toward yard work. We have assessed the current state of the Gehlke estate and made out our laughable list of projects that will keep us occupied far beyond the spring if we tackle them all. Most pressing are repairs to the fences bordering our neighbor to the west and the railroad tracks. We've boned up on our fence-building skills and are in the slow process of tackling the job.

The other big goal is redecorating our master bedroom, which we began today (and nearly finished!) by purchasing paint and supplies at Home Depot. Glenn spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening rolling on the "pink lemonade" over a decade's accumulation of grime that had been our bedroom wall covering. Wood paneling and refurbished bathroom cabinets will be part of the package when the project is complete ... tomorrow?

We celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary this month. It is sometimes hard to believe it has been that long since we exchanged our vows at Mt. Eden Presbyterian Church in Hayward. It is also hard to believe our young family is growing up so quickly; we signed Benji up for kindergarten on March 4. He'll start school at Vintage Parkway Elementary sometime in July.

Hope your spring is a pleasant one. See you next month.

Glenn, Roni and Benji

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