My bulletin board

This is an amazing ant, as you can plainly see. I made it in my kindergarten class at Vintage Parkway School. We have lots of ants in our backyard. Some of them are red like this one, but most of them are black. I hate when they get in our house!

This is a fire truck that I made out of construction paper in my kindergarten. It says "City Fire Department" because I live in Oakley and it just became a city. Now all the firemen work in the city. A fire engine came to our house one day because we smelled something burning. It was my computer! The house didn't burn up, fortunately.

This is something that I call "Marble Art." I call it that because our class used marbles with paint on them to make the picture. We rolled the painted marbles on the paper and it made funny patterns.

This is spin art that we made in my kindergarten. Mrs. Furlong put a paper on an old record player and turned it on while we poured paint onto the paper. It spun the paint around and made it look like tie-die.

My bulletin board would not be complete without an award or two. This certificate says that I am someone special because I learned the difference between real and make-believe. I also get certificates when I learn new letters in our reading program.

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