Welcome to my place!

Hi! My name is Ben and this is my special place on the Internet. My dad made it for me, but I helped by writing my name, drawing some pictures for my art gallery and suggesting the things that I wanted to share on my pages.

I am 14 years old. I live in Oakley, California, with my mom, my dad, my cats Ariel and Eevee and a turtle named Rhedd Butler. I am in ninth grade. I am learning a lot of new things there, such as writing cursive, doing division and other advanced math problems and making new friends.

Below you will find some fun facts about me. I also hope you will take a look at the links to my other pages where you will learn more about some of the things I like. Thank you for visiting.

Fun Facts

Name Benjamin J. Gehlke
Date of Birth May 2, 1994
Hometown Oakley, California
Favorite Quote "E M wavechange on air!" (from Megaman Star Force)
Favorite Music J-Pop, J-Rock
Favorite Songs Lost Heaven (Fullmetal Alchemist)
National Awakening - Catharsis (.Hack//roots)
Twilight Sea (.Hack//liminality)
Heart Wave (Misora Hibiki)
Favorite Colors Gray, Blue and Yellow
Favorite Holidays Christmas
My birthday
Favorite Food Hamburgers
Chinese food
Favorite Desserts Cheesecake
Favorite Beverage A&W Root Beer
Favorite TV Shows Pokémon
Megaman Star Force
Home Improvement
Full Metal Alchemist
Favorite TV Character Sonia Strumm from Megaman Star Force
Favorite Restaurant Golden Dragon
Favorite Childhood Toy Computers
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo DS
Favorite Grown-up Toy I'm not grown up yet
Hobby Yu Gi Oh cards
Collecting Manga
Playing video games
Favorite Movie Pokémon the Movie (1 through 5)
Favorite Author Tracey West
Favorite Day of the Week Sunday
Favorite Vacation Destination Montana
Favorite Tourist Spot Monterey
Favorite City Monterey, California
Favorite Pet Eevee, my cat
Favorite Animals Cat
Least Favorite Animals Gopher
Favorite Sports NASCAR auto racing
NFL football
Favorite NASCAR Drivers Mike Skinner
Jeff Gordon
Jimmie Johnson
Favorite Vehicle Race cars
3 Things I Like Spending time with Dad and Mom
Drawing pictures
Playing my Gameboy Advance
3 Things that Bug Me Dad sleeping in late
Eevee biting me
My computer when it bombs

My current page

Ben's World — This is my experimental website that my dad let's me have. It will be a great site one day,

My (old) pages

Ben's Football Page — I like to do football picks with my dad and Uncle Sean. Sometimes I even beat them and do an in-your-face dance. This page will tell you some of the things I like best about football.

Ben's Video Arcade — I have a computer and a Gameboy where I can play a lot of video games. This page will tell you about some of the best ones.

Ben's Pokemon Page — This is my favorite TV show. Here are some pictures, sounds and other tidbits from the show and the trading card game.

Ben's World of Trains — I know a lot about trains. You can read some stories about the railfan walks I have taken with my dad and our trip to Tehachapi for my birthday.

Ben's Art Gallery — I like to paint and draw pictures. This is a special bulletin board where you can look at some of my art. I also have some awards I got from my school.

Ben's TV Friends — This page is a little old, but if you want some ideas of the kinds of shows young kids might like, here you will find pictures and descriptions of a few I used to watch when I was in preschool. I don't watch most of these now, but my dad said some kids might still like the page so here it is.

My favorite sites

Neopets — This site lets you create a virtual pet and earn neopoints that let you buy food and all sorts of other cool things.

Cartoon Orbit — My handle is Ray Van Lee 1. Be sure to sign up and check out my cZone. This is Cartoon Network's cool site, with lots of games and things to collect.

Cartoon Network — This is the home page for my favorite cable TV station. There are some great online games to play here.

Pokémon World — You can check out this official site that lists almost everything having to do with Pokémon. It has a cool Pokédex with information on all the Pokémon.

If you would like to send me an e-mail, or a postcard, please send it to the address listed on The Gehlke Family Home Page. (It's my mom and dad's address, but they always tell me when I have a special letter.)

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